by Published on 7th Nov 2013 09:51   


    Although the weathers cold, damp and grey thats no excuse to not get involved. Check out your local area sections for some meets to attend. VVOC needs you!

    Shed full of bits? Premium member and been so for a while? why not get the items sold to another VVOC'er! Log in and get some pictures of the items with a username and date visable and get them shifted!

    Dont forget VVOC is on Facebook, we also have a Euro page run by our Euro members. VVOC, truely international thanks to its dedicated members and staff

    Whats Premium Membership you may ask?

    Well click here to find out: http://www.vvoc.com/forum/payments.php

    Along with supporting the site you will also gain access to the Premium member area and the Premium member only events. Theres also a sticker and either a pen or keyring (stock dependant) bunged in aswell.

    Amongst the Premium areas you will find the ability to sell your unwanted items and get extra techincal help!

    If you dont fancy the sticker, pen/keyring or membership pack you can go for the Lite option.